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HQ Longer Punk’ Sneak Peek with Taylor Swift

OMG HAHAHA poor taylor!!

Posted on March/28/2012
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Me llamo Febe :D (es un nombre sobrenatural lo se(?)) Soy de Argentina pero tengo la bio en ingles porque amo el ingles akdjasdsaldjasdjs asi que si no saben lo que dice, se joden y no van a saber nada de mi(?) ahre JAJAJA espero que les guste mi hermoso Narnia♥ :) Follow back!

Ya' wanna know about me? I'm a very crazy person I'm not perfect, give 100% in everything I do. I have a lot of friends, but only a few that i can trust. My life is simple but complicated. I forgive but never forget. Im pretty chill and down to earth and I love to live life to the fullest. I love adventures and will do just about any daring thing. Im here to please the Lord, so thats what im gonna do. I‚Love been told that I‚am very loving, People try to bring me down, but I keep my head high.I don’t give up easily, if I want it.. You best believe I’ll try my hardest to get it. I’m an individual, I don’t follow people and what they do. I’m my own person and that’s the way its always going to be. I’m a little weird sometimes, I love to have fun, I love to laugh, I love to smile. I'm quiet around people I dont know very well or feel like they are judging me, but when I'm around my close friends and people im comftorable around I become crazy,Staying up all night with friends laughing our heads off, and getting away for acting outrageous in public areas. So when i'm super quiet then you know somethings wrong. Well I lack direction but would settle for anything that makes me happy. . Music keeps me sane, I don't know why. Probably the fact that its always been there for me because people weren't. It gives me the words that make me smile, helped me meet the friends I have today and is some what of my passion.

Well...This is me, and no one is going to change it. I thought I had my whole life figured out, but I just recently realized that my life is far from being figured out, I’m still trying to find myself and who I am exactly...God bless :) #Argentina

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